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Land Home

The most high class and luxury bus camper in japan。

*It needs regular driving license of 3.5 tons or more (international driver's license must be Class C or higher)


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Vehicle Heating and Air Conditioner Gas stove inside the car ×
FF heater (can be used with engine off) Cassette gas stove for inside and outside of car
Room air conditioner (can be used with engine off) Portable toilet (disposable bag type)
Large-capacity refrigerator Large table with drink holder
Car navigation system with 4 language support × Shower room ×
Driver-seat smartphone holder (uses Google Maps) Side awnings (not for use) ×
AM FM radio Three-point safety seatbelt
Bluetooth-compatible radio Energy-saving LED lighting
Rear-view camera (high position always on) All window screens + blinds
Rearview camera (low position shooting when backing up only) ETC
Back sonar (obstacle detection buzzer) × 100-volt power supply in the car
Large ventilation fan (2 locations) 12-volt power supply inside the car
Microwave 68-liter electric water supply + sink (not allowed during winter)
USB power supply for cell phone charging 100V conversion inverter (laptop compatible)
TV (2 locations) linked to navigation system


*Interior color is different by each car

□Base Vehicle Performance

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Vehicle Name  Land Home(RV Land) The best bus camper in Japan
Base vehicle Toyota/Coaster it is stability in crosswinds for bus camper.
Engine Diesel Engine Comfortable engine sound with a sense of weight
Displacement  4,000CC easy to drive on uphill with powerful torque
Drive system  rear-wheel drive Rear double tires for stability
Fuel  diesel 95L Beware it is not for gasoline
Fuel consumption  about 7~8KM/L Surprising fuel-efficient
Capacity Driving 10 people standard driver's license is OK. The largest capacity in Japan camper.
sleeping 4 people Two bedroom in the car
Size Length 6250㎜ Parking in truck and bus space
Width 2100㎜ A littile bit wider than normal car
Height 2760㎜ Noticing the hight
Smoking  No smoking It is no smoking. Please understand.
Pets  not allowed Pet is not allowed taking into the car.

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