Hokkaido Nomad Car Rental | 北海道ノマドレンタカー

Hokkaido No.1 Luxury Class
Camping car rental specialty

Camper introduction

*Recommended for no more than four people if you have luggage like suitcases (for all vehicle types)
*Zil520 and CordeRundy have vehicles exclusively with pet.
"Pet Cleaning Fee" is 11,000JPY including tax.

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For providing luxury trip in Hokkadio
9 reasons to choose Hokkaido Nomad Car Rental

  • 全て平成28年登録の新車

    Brand-new vehicles The largest number of camper vans in Hokkaido

    We provide safe, high-class, and luxury travel

  • 清潔で快適な車内

    JapanAirLine's staff is in charge of cleaning

    The staff cleaning the inside of JAL flights are cleaning our camper van.

  • 冬も暖かいFFヒーター付き

    FF heater equipped

    Perfect for skiers and snowboarders.

  • 半日5千円~得々ノマド割引

    Foreign language support staff.

    Foreign language support is available. Hokkaido Expressway Pass is available

  • 24時間安心のロードサービス

    24 hour road service

    Road service is available for 24 hours and 365days

  • Introducing camper van parking spaces

    Introducing camper van parking spaces to stay over night. Please use shachuoo!

  • 充実のアクティビティレンタル

    Optional rental goods

    Optional rental goods are available.

  • 配車サービス

    New Chitose airport ⇔ Chitose office ,FREE transport

    It’s just 7 minutes by taxi from New Chitose airport to our Chitose office. When your arrival at our Chitose office, you will receive refund of the taxi fare.

  • 急な日程変更にも対応

    We can handle sudden reschedules

    We can amend the schedule if the reason is due to health problems, work issues, etc. free to change one time.
    ※Your deposit can not be refunded.

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