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How to make a reservation

You can rent a caravan with four simple steps


STEP01Choose a car and make a reservation

Please fill in the required reservation form and send. At this moment the reservation is provisional.
We check the information and send payment details by E-mail within 3 business days.
You can wait for someone to cancel their reservation because a provisional reservation may be cancelled in 1 week

*If our E-mail doesn't reach you, it might be in the spam box of your e-mail software. In that case please contact

STEP02Pay within the deadline to complete your official reservation.

We will inform you the payment deadline by email. Please check the total amount and make your payment by bank transfer or credit card within deadline. The moment we verify the payment, your reservation is officially completed.
If the payment is not made within deadline, the reservation is automatically cancelled.
We will inform you how to make your payment by email.


Meet up at the agreed upon time and location. We will explain how to use the car and let you check and sign the contract. It takes about 40-50 minutes.

After checking everything, you can leave for a great trip and safely enjoy wonderful Hokkaido. If you have any concerns or would like to hear any of our recommended locations, feel free to contact us. We always make our best effort to make your trip

  • *If you might be late, please call our cellphone.
  • *If you are over 30 minutes late for the appointment without calling, we will cancel your reservation and charge the cancellation fee as specified. We make an exception in case of delayed flights.
STEP04Gas up

Gas up the vehicle within 3km from where the car is suppose to be returned. We check the receipt of the gas. Make sure you get it.

  • *If you fill with wrong fuel, no matter if you have insurance or anything, we charge you repairing fee and suspended compensation
  • *If you would like to change the return time, please call our cellphone.
  • *If you would like extend the time, we will charge you a fee. If it could affect our next customer, we might refuse the request.

Cancellation policy

If you have to cancel your reservation, we will charge you a cancellation fee.

You are charged \10,000 as a cancelation fee if you cancel the reservation one month before the reserved rental day.
1 month ( 30 days) before ~ 1 week(7days) before from the day you rent a car Half of the rent
You are charged 80% of the rent if you cancel the reservation one to six days before the day of the reserved rental day.
The day you rent a car 100% of the rent

In the case of a work related or medical emergency
the cancellation fee will be waived if you reschedule within six months.
*If you change the day of the rental, the rent you already paid is not refunded.


* When the reservation is canceled, we refund the rest of the money to your bank account with the procedure below.

We refund the money minus the cancellation fee and handling fee.

Insurance / Guarantee

About Insurance / Guarantee

□Basic Insurance & Amount of Compensation(included in rental charge)

    amount of
deductible(deductible customers have to bear in the case of accident)
bodily injury only one person unlimited unnecessary
property damage only one accident unlimited customers have to bear \100,000
vehicle current price customers have to bear \100,000
personal injury ※maximum \50,000,000 per person
※In spite of the failure ration of a driver, in the case of injury (including physical impediment) and death of passengers by accident, the amount of damage will be compensated.(maximum amount is \50,000,000. Insurance company determine the amount of damage based on the insurance clause.)

*In the case of accident and damage, customers have to bear these expenses
below in addition to deductible.

  • ●NOC(Non-Operation-Charge, \10,000 per day,the maximum is 20days long )・・・\200,000(the maximum amount)
  • ●Damage of equipment, dirt and repairing cost・・・Actual expenses

Repairing cost of camper van is really expensive!

*Those who don’t take out an insurance covers the accident of camper van.

*Those who wouldn’t like to care about expensive repairing cost.

We recommend to use additional compensation option.

*Approximately 90% of foreign customers use this option.

□Additional Compensation Option

Repairing cost of camper van is very expensive, therefore we recommend to use additional compensation option
*In the case of accident, customers have to bear these expenses below.

*Even though the term of rental is longer
than 15 days, you only need to pay for the
15 days cost. This system will be applied
to the whole trip.
I don't take
out insurance

I take out insurance
Sunlight 8000JPY/day
Benz 10000JPY/day

Deductible of accident
(property damage)
100,000 JPY 0 JPY
Deductible of accident (vehicle) 100,000 JPY 0 JPY
\10,000 per day,
the maximum is 20days long)
200,000 JPY 0 JPY
Cancellation fee due to flight
cancellation, child fever, etc.
You don't pay You don't pay
In-car equipment damage
(including scratches)
42,000 JPY~ 0 JPY
Window damage repair fee 40,000 JPY~ 0 JPY
Table leg damage
(Including lock part)
25,000 JPY 0 JPY
Seat cleaning fee
for child bedwetting
30,000 JPY 0 JPY
Repair fee for scratches By dog 50,000 JPY 0 JPY
Shipping cost of
lost items in the car
3,000 JPY+
shipping cost
Rental goods damage 10,000円~ 0 JPY
Customer maximum contribution
(Payment when returning)
600,000 JPY 0 JPY

*At the time of return, if the vehicle is scratched, pay the above fee once, and if there is a difference after repair, it will be refunded

*If you use your travel insurance contract, we will issue an invoice and receipt.

□Our company will issue the billing statement and the receipt if you use your own special contract of travel compensation .

①Examples of dents, cracks and deformations customers have to bear \400,000(it takes about 20-90 days to repair)
②Examples of scrathes (not with deformations) customers have to bear \300,000(it takes about 15-30 days to repair)

About road service

Contents and coverage of road service

①Car transporting service
  • We compensate up to \300,000 for one accident
  • Please cover extra cost ( over \ 300,000)
  • We choose the factory to transport.
②Immediate action service
  • If the car has any trouble such as battery dead or anything make the car disable to be driven, emergency measure ( only things can be fixed within 30 min) If the trouble is not be able to applied by the service or exceed of the coverage, you have cover the fee. (You have to pay the repair fee if the damage is extreme (in excess of the compensation coverage).
Immediate action detail A battery, etc. Jump-start
Changing bulbs, fuses
Other repairing which can be done within 30 min.
Refilling coolant.
A car key Unlocking the door when you lock the keys in the vehicle※3
A tire

Changing flat tire into spare tire
*If the car doesn't have a spare tire, we bring the car to the nearest gas station instead of using a flat tire repair kit.
The transport fee is free in this case.

If you get stuck, we can pull the vehicle back onto the road (within one meter).
  • The cost for tire repair or replacement will be covered by customer

*3 Available if you have rental documents and are able to prove identification

  • -In the case same name is on rental documents and drivers license
  • -In the case same company name is on rental documents and company ID and drivers license
  • *If you do not meet certain conditions, it will be borne by the customer
  • *When you use services not listed above, you have to pay on the spot
  • *Please contact in advance with Customer center of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.,Ltd(0120-258-365) or Okuruma QQ Tai(Road service) (0120-096-991)
    If you are from abroad, please call 0476-31-3643
  • *English support is available 24 hours and other languages are available from 9AM to 10PM
    If you make outside arrangements without letting us know, we cannot provide guidance or make arrangements.

◎Some part of road services above are included in the company’s insurance.

About your coverage

□In the case of damage of equipment, stains and bad odors.

Customers who do not take out Additional Compensation Option・・・if the customer damages, stains, or smells the vehicle equipment, all of the costs for repair fee, the current condition restoration cost will be charged to the customer.
Customers who take out Additional Compensation Option・・・if the customer damages, stains, or smells the vehicle equipment, all of the costs for repair fee, the current condition restoration cost will not be charged to the customer.

□About pet allowed vehicles

Only dogs are allowed for “pet allowed vehicles”. Cleaning fee is free service now.
Please note that you will have to pay the actual cost to recover the vehicle if you do not take out our additional compensation option when scratches interior by dog, damage to the seat, leakage of pee or poop in the car, or bad smell by dog etc.

*Pet is allowed on the vehicle only pet allowed vehicles. Smoking is not allowed in all vehicles.

*About using kitchen

Our car has gas stove but use for only boiling water or something like it.
Grilling, stewing, hotpot or something smelly or smoky is not allowed. Instead of it, we have free potable gas stove so please cook outside of the vehicles. ( Please understand for all customers comfort)

*If there are worries of bed-wetting of children, we have sheets for that. Please ask us.

*We cannot rent a car to drivers with less than three years of driving experience


□In cases Additional Compensation Option are not able to cover

If you don't complete proper procedures such as contacting the police or us.
②If you are in violation of lending rules

◆Damages due to illegal parking
Drinking and driving
◆drug use
Expanding the rental term without notification
◆Driving by a driver other than the driver specified in the contract
◆You lend the car to others
◆Drive without a driver's license (Suspended license or license for other class of vehicle are also same thing)
◆If you settle out of court without contacting us
◆Using a car for any test or competition or towing or pushing other cars.
◆If the case is regarded as the case of exception agreement of our renting rules
If you do not report the accident to us

③If the case is regarded as the case of exception agreement of an insurance we buy

◆Accidents on purpose
◆Losing or breaking a key
◆Breaking or damaging property you own, use or manage
◆Natural disaster (Earthquake tsunami or etc.)

④When there is a fault in use or management

◆If you park the vehicle and leave the key inside and the car is stolen
◆Any damage due to improper fitting of snow chains, carriers or child seats
◆Car damage due to driving off road (Accidents on roads that are not maintained and managed)
Repairing costs due to wrong fuel usage
Accidents that occur while driving on general roads at speeds that exceed the legal speed limit or regulated speed limit
Accidents that occur when driving on a highway at speeds of 80 km or more or exceeding the speed regulation speed

⑤When using prohibited items or places

◆Full cost of repairing buildings, camper vans, and other costs caused by accidents caused at coin parking and drive-through
◆Window replacement and repair costs when using insect repellent spray, pesticides, and alcohol disinfectants on camper acrylic windows
◆If you drive with the windows open or without locking the windows and the windows are blown off, the cost of replacing and repairing the windows and the cost of damaging the surrounding property due to the windows being blown off
◆Sink repairing costs if using water or other objects into the sink between November 1st and March 31st

  • *Customer pay all expenses in above cases. Any damage or loss beyond insurance coverage must be covered by customer.
  • *Customer must notify the police in order to apply the compensation for damages caused by hit-and-run accident or vandalism of unknown person.

□Checking additional equipment

We are not responsible for any accident due to improper fitting of additional equipment. Please install it by yourself. Even if our staff installs it, please check if it is installed property by yourself

□Cautions when using navigation system

The car navigation system is a tool which helps you reach your destination but faulty information or guidance might be given depending on location and driving conditions. Please follow the actual traffic rules and signs. We are not responsible for the loss of time or money due to faulty information or guidance.

□About returning time

Please return the car during business hours. If you want to change the appointment time or are going to be late, please contact us. If you expand your rental term without a contact, any insurance or compensation cannot be applied.

□About fuel

All of our cars run on diesel. If you fill it up with gasoline, DO NOT START THE ENGINE! Contact us and clean the fuel tank. Any damage due to wrong fuel must be covered by customers even if you take out Additional Compensation Option.

*If you cannot fill the car up because of your schedule, we charge you for the gas by calculating trip distance. It is more expensive than a gas station.

□About illegal parking tickets and fines

*If you don't submit the parking ticket and receipt of the fine (in case we cannot confirm the payment), we charge you the penalty below.

●The penalty\30,000( including tax)

*If you submit an illegal parking ticket and receipt a day after, we refund the penalty to you. The money will be transferred to your account but the fee must be paid by you.
*If we cannot confirm the payment and you don't pay the penalty, we will not rent a car in the future.

□About an accidents and breakdowns

If you have an accident or the car breaks down

Foreign customers… call

  • *English support is available 24 hours and other languages are available from 9AM to 10PM
  • *Even if the accident is not an big issue, like you hit a car next to you when you open the door or you hit a pillar and the rear bumper gets dented, it is still necessary to follow procedures properly.
  • *If an accident occurs, no matter how serious it is, a report is necessary to the police and us.
  • *If the report or procedure is not completed, insurance or compensation cannot be applied.
  • *Conversations might be recorded to confirm the details correctly. We handle personal information following our privacy policy.


Vehicle pick up location (Chitose office)

Business hours 9AM-4PM(Vehicle pick up and drop off from 4PM to 6PM is available with additional fees)
Address 758-134 Bibi, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido

「From New Chitose Airport」
It takes about 8 minutes by taxi.

「Coming by Car」

Please search 「758-134 Bibi, Chitose-shi」 by car navigation.
Only one car can park.
*We cannot compensate if your car is burglarized, damaged, etc. while your car is parked.

Pick up and car delivery

《From New Chitose Airport》

Please take a taxi from New Chitose Airport to our Chitose office by yourself.
It’s about 10min drive from airport to our Chitose office.
And we will refund the taxi fare when you arrive at Chitose office.
(Please show us receipt of taxi when you arrive at Chitose office.)
The address of Chitose office is
“17-28, Aoba 2Chome Chitose-shi” , in English.
「千歳市青葉2丁目17-28」 is the address of our Chitose office in Japanese.
So please show this address to taxi driver.

《Transport fee》

◆New Chitose Airport ⇔ Chitose office : Free
◆JR Chitose station ⇔ Chitose office : Free
◆JRMinami-Chitose station: Chitose office : Free

《Delivery area》~beside area above~

JR Sapporo station or main hotel in midtown in Sapporo     12,000円
Otaru Ferry Terminal     20,000円
Tomakomai Ferry Terminal  20,000円
Asahikawa airport        30,000円
Niseko                     35,000円
Obihiro airport          40,000円
Hakodate airport       50,000円
Memanbetsu airport    50,000円
Kushiro airport          50,000円
Nakashibetsu airport    60,000円
Wakkanai airport       55,000円
Haneda or Narita airport       150,000円
Kansai airport         180,000円
Fukuoka airport       250,000円
All of the prices are ONE WAY FEE.
*Delivery fee is not able to be discounted with long-term rent.
*We estimate quote with season or place you want to deliver.
Please understand that we might not be able to deliver depending on conditions.

About payment

Please make a payment by transfer or credit card within the deadline. We’ll inform you the payment deadline by email after your reservation.

Terminate contract

If you cancel the rental after starting the rental, the reservation fee will not be refunded.

When we cannot rent a car due to an accident or technical trouble

If we cannot rent a car because the previous customer has caused an accident or technical trouble, an alternative car will be supplied.
If we don't have an alternative car because we are fully booked, we refund all of the money transferred and cancel the contract.

Please understand that it is very difficult to find alternative vehicles because RVs are of a rare sort.
Even if we cannot rent any car, we cannot compensate you for any hotel or transportation costs, etc.
We do our best to serve our customers. However, please understand that car availability depends on the season and there are situations where we will be unable to help.

Frequently asked questions

How to rent a car

Q、Do we need to make a reservation ?
A、Yes, you need to make a reservation at least 3days before departure.
Please use Reservation & Estimation Form to make your reservation.
Q、What do we need to make a reservation?
A、Driver's license of all drivers
*We cannot rent a car to a driver with less than three years experience. (We might make an exception depending on the condition.)
Q、Do you accept credit cards?
Q、Can I park my car while I rent a car?
A、We only have one parking space per car rental. We cannot guarantee against theft or damage of your vehicle. Do not leave any valuables in your car.
Q、Do we need to fill it up when we return the car?
A、Yes. If you cannot fill it up, we charge you \3,000 per quarter divisions of a scale.
It is more expensive than a gas station. Please fill it up before your return it.
Q、Could you pick us up from our home, airport or hotel?
A、Vehicle delivery is available.
Please see details at here.
Q、Can we rent a car with an international license?
A, Please check your required license documents for each nationality.
①Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Monaco, Estonia:
Your country's driver’s license and translation document.
②Other countries: International driver’s license.
Q、Can we ship our luggage before our arrival?
A、Yes you can. We can store your luggage while you rent a car because it takes a space inside.

About fee

Q、How much is it?
A、The price is different depends on season.Please check price calendar and price list.
We also offer a discount plan.
If you plan long term, please talk to us about it.
Q、Any extra fee?
A、If you want to start the rental period outside of regular business hours, there will be an extra cost per hour. Extension might be refused depending on booking schedule.
Q、Any other extra fees?
A、We have many options such as an insurance or goods. We would like to offer as many goods and services as possible. Please inform us of any requests.
Q、If we cancel, since when it count?
A、Since the day a reservation is completed.
*If you cancel because of inevitable situation such as your child's medical condition, we don't charge you any cancelation fee up to once only if you make a reservation again within 6 months.
*If you shorten a term of a rent, it cost cancelation fee by the days.
Q、If we terminate the contract after the rental period starts, is there a cancelation fee?
A、If you cancel the rental after starting the rental, the reservation fee will not be refunded.

About insurance or compensation

Q、Q. What if we cause an accident?
A、In case of traffic accident, an insurance for person or property can be applied.
But you have to cover \100,000 for each compensation, personal injury and property damage.
In addition, compensation amount exceeding compensation of insurance, non operation charge (20,000 ~ 50,000 yen), rest break compensation fee 1 day 10,000 yen (up to 200,000 yen) will be charged.

In case of accident, cost above maybe expensive.
So, we suggest you to take out Additional Compensation Option which lets you free from NOC + repairing cost of damaging. RV equipment is expensive so we recommend you have this one.

*Additional Compensation Option cannot cover repairing cost due to filling the tank with the wrong fuel.
Q、What if we break the equipment inside?
①Customers who DO NOT take out Additional Compensation Option・・・
If the customer breaks or damages, stains, or smells the vehicle equipment, all of the costs for repair fee, the current condition restoration cost will be charged to the customer.

②Customers who take out Additional Compensation Option・・・
If the customer breaks or damages, stains, or smells the vehicle equipment, all of the costs for repair fee, the current condition restoration cost will NOT be charged to the customer.

About the vehicle and driving

Q、Can we drive with a normal driver's license?
A、Yes, you can.

They are all AT vehicles so you can drive with an AT limited license as well.
*We cannot let those drive who have less than three years driving experience.
*But if your driving experience is less than three years, we may let you drive in cases such as: you drive everyday or you are a professional driver and are very confident, and apply for Additional Compensation Option. Please talk to us.
Q、What are the seating and sleeping capacities?
A、CORDE BUNKS and CORDE LEAVES seats 7 and sleeps 5. ZIL520 seats 6 and sleeps 7. Vantech cars are very roomy so we believe you’ll be comfortable.
Q、Do you have child seats or booster seats?
A、We have child seats and junior seats for free of charge. They have three-point seat belts.
Child seats are mandatory for children under 5 years old. Please inform us how many and how old your kids are when you make a reservation.
Q、Can our pets ride with us?
A、Yes, we have some pet allowed vehicles.
Please use pet cages, but do not put them in the seats or on the beds. Cleaning fee is free service now.
Allowed pets are only dogs. Cats or any other animals are not allowed.
Q、What kind of fuel do they use?
A、All of our cars use diesel.
Never use the wrong fuel. If you fill it up with the wrong fuel, DO NOT START THE ENGINE and please call us. We will arrange for the repairs. All costs will be covered by customers.
Q、How good is the fuel efficiency?
A、Their engines are 3,000cc diesel turbo so fuel efficiency is high. It is like 8-12km/L. And also the price is cheaper than gasoline. It is an economical way to drive across Hokkaido.
Q、Do they have navigation systems?
A、All cars have concise operation navigation systems with four language support.
Q、Do they have ETCs?
A、Yes they do. Please use your ETC cards.
Q、Do they have side awning?
A、We cannot allow the use of side awning because it causes damages.
Q、Do they have car stereo?
A、All of the cars’ navigation systems have built-in audio. There are no CD players but CORDE LEAVES No.1 and CORDE BUNKS No.1 have Bluetooth connections. Other cars have USB or AUX connections.
Q、Is it okay to drive on snow?
A、All cars have AT and full time 4WD. They have studless tires from November to the end of April.
Caravans are great if you go skiing or snowboarding! Tours enjoying powder snow in Niseko, Furano or Mt.Taisetsu are amazing. FF heaters are equipped which are able to be used without the engine on. You can stay warm even in winter.
*We don't recommend you drive if you are not skilled on snow. Caravans are heavy so driving on snow or icy roads requires significant skill and experience.
Q、Are there any special customs with RVs?
A、You have probably noticed that RV drivers wave when they pass each other. It is a Hokkaido custom and motorcyclists also do the same kind of thing. You should try it! It feels so good.
Q、Can we check out the inside of the vehicles?
A、Yes, you can as long as the car is not being rented. Please inform us before your visit because we are often out of our office.

About interior

Q、Do they have bathrooms?
A、Sunlight and Zil520 are equipped with bathrooms. But toilet cannot be used for flushing and will be used with a disposable toilet bag. (Toilet bags are available for free.) For vehicles other than Sunlight and Zil520, we offer a portable toilet for free. We think it might not be very comfortable for those who are not used to that kind of bathroom. Please use it for emergencies when you are far from town or stuck in a traffic jam. We recommend gas stations or convenience stores since they are more comfortable.
Q、Does the car have a tap?
A、Yes it does. All of our car have a tap with 20 liters of water and sink. It is okay to drink but we recommend you to drink a bottled water.
*Not available in winter
Q、Is smoking okay ?
A、Smoking is not allowed inside. Please smoke outside.
*When you return a car and the car smells of smoke or we find ashes in the car, even if it is just a little, we charge you \20,000 for cleaning. (Non-smoking staff check and decide if a car needs to be cleaned.) If the cleaning can't be finished in time for the next customer and he or she ends up cancelling, we charge you the cancellation fee.
Many people use our cars so please understand.
Q、Can we cook inside?
A、We are sorry but you can't. Many people use our cars so grilling, stewing, frying and any other cooking is not allowed. Gas stoves are equipped in a kitchen but they are for boiling water. We have free gas cartridge stoves and gas cartridges for outside so please cook outside. (Many other customers use our cars so please understand.)
*When you return your car and we can sense an unpleasant smell, we charge you \20,000 for cleaning. (Our staff will check and decide if it needs to be cleaned). If the cleaning doesn't finish before next rental and he or she ends up cancelling, we charge you The cancellation fee.
Q、Do cars have 100V power outlets?
A、If the external AC100V power is plugged in, you can use 100V. An air conditioner also can be powered on if the external AC100V is plugged in.
You can charge cell or smartphone with the 12V cigarette power outlet or USB power outlet inside. ( Please use your USB cables)
A laptop which consumes a little power can be used with an inverter convert 12V into 100V. If you need to use your laptop for work, we offer you a free inverter so please inform us when you make a reservation. (Devices which consume lots of power can not be used because it might damage the car.)
Q、How do we deal with bedding?
A、From a sanitary point of view, we cannot allow you to sleep on a bed or sheets directly. We have rental bedding sets (\500 per a day) so please use them. They are cleaned by a cleaning company so they are always clean.
Q、How long does the fridge work?
A、We charge the sub-battery full when we rent the car but it is dead within a half day to one day if the engine is off.(depends on the situation)
Driving conditions can affect a lot so we recommend you use it on full power when you drive and turn it off when you park.
*If the sub-battery is dead, the engine will still start because the car battery separate.
*If the internal battery is dead, none of the equipment will work including the FF heater and lights. You have to plug in an external 100V power or drive to charge it.
*It charges with one day driving.
Q、How long can a FF heater work?
A、You don't have to worry about fuel for the heater. It is automatically filled from the car’s fuel tank. If you use it on full power, it consumes less than 1 liter but the fan consumes battery power. When we rent a car , the battery is full but it is dead within 1 or 2 days without the engine on.
It depends on how long you drive so we recommend you turn it off when you sleep.
*When you use it, please set the dial nearly full. If you set the temperature low, the thermostat works frequently and battery is easily run down.
*If the sub-battery is dead, the car battery is different so the engine can be started.
Q、When can we use AC inside?
A、Zil520, NEW CORDE BUNKS, CORDE LEAVES, and CORDE RUNDY have Air Conditioner inside.
AC in Zil520, NEW CORDE BUNKS, CORDE RUNDY can be used at all times.
AC in CORDE LEAVES works only when 100V external power is connected. Please do not use it for heating. If you want to make it warm, please use FF heater.
Using the heater function of the AC might cause technical trouble.( Because the AC is modified for an RV)

〈Other notices about battery〉
・An electric kettle or a hair drier cannot be used because they consume a lot of power.
・Devices which drive motors like fans consume a lot of power momentarily and might damage fuses.
*There is a large ventilator in the RV that can be used as a fan on the ceiling.
Q、What does an RV come equipped with originally?
A、 Cleaning set, medical set, guide books, smartphone charger, USB power outlet, car goods, gas cartridge stove, folding table, chairs, child seat, booster seat and so on. Please check here. → Free rental goods
Please choose from charged goods options. Please check here. → charged goods options

About place to stay

Q、Where should we park and stay?
A、You can park wherever you want and stay but if you are a beginner, campsites or roadside stations or spa parking lots are also a good choice. (You need permission)
There are charges if you stay at campsites but preparation and putting away dishes or garbage, bath and bathroom are easy and comfortable so it is also a good choice. What's more, they have external 100V power so you can use electric devices.
*Using chairs, tables and stuff at roadside stations or parking lots is a breach of manners. Please do not do it.
*There are many wild animals such as bears. Please be aware if you stay in a forest.

We will soon prepare private campsites with great scenery for individual groups. Please look forward to it!